Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Geoff Farina & Chris Brokaw

We've had an awesome time hanging out with Geoff Farina & Chris Brokaw in the last week. They're two of the nicest, most talented musicians we've ever had the pleasure to work with and we highly recommend that you get their album, 'The Angel's Message to Me' (available from Damnably).

Massive thanks to all the awesome support bands who played for us on both dates- Emphemetry, Boat to Row, Glades and Shoes & Socks Off - and everyone who came along to either of the shows.

For the next show we're collaborating with British Wildlife and taking the volume up a notch. Expect a LOT of riffage!

Also coming up:

18/5/2010- Itch, Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea & more tbc @ The Chameleon, Nottingham

19/5/2010- Tartufi & more tbc @ Spanky Van Dykes, Nottingham

Kelly & Rupe

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