Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shakey Hands

We're delighted to confirm SHAKEY HANDS as support for the Geoff Farina / Chris Brokaw show in Nottingham on the 2nd December.

Some of you may know Callum Proctor from his work in Switzerland. Recreating the fun energy prevalent in Cap n Jazz and the heart felt vocal style of Owen, the band were one of the rare few pulling off the 'emo' comeback without sounding contrived or unoriginal. Unfortunately the band have now split and we'll never see them realise their full potential- luckily for us though the split didn't mark the end of all their musical endeavors!

We've only heard two songs by Callum's new project Shakey Hands but we're already very excited! Musically accomplished and effortlessly charming -we're expecting big things from this! If you like good American indie and songs you can sing along to then you'll love Shakey Hands. You can download 'the shakes' and 'big freezer' here for FREE. Do it. Seriously. I've had them in my head for days.

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