Friday, 12 August 2011


Sorry that we've been so crap at updating this, life in London has fully got in the way but we'll try (as always) to start updating more!

News in Default This camp - after championing the band for what feels like forever I am now managing Crushing Blows. I first saw them play supporting Birthmark at a Default This gig back in January and was more excited by them than I have been by any other band in AGES. Every show I've seen since has been equally as brilliant and I'm honoured to be working with such talented people. Have a listen to their debut EP below. We've got plans for a Double A side single to be released in December this year & a UK tour hopefully to follow. For any enquiries regarding the band please email kelly[at]

In terms of gigs we have the following two shows coming up in Nottingham:

10/09/2011 - Shonen Knife & Slowcoaches @ Bodega Social Club, Nottingham - tickets
15/10/2011 - Tubelord, Some Skeletons & Shakey Hands @ The Chameleon, Nottingham- tickets

Have a listen to the latest additions to these bills (Slowcoaches & Shakey Hands) below!

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