Monday, 20 August 2012

Shoes & Socks Off - Final Tour and Nottingham Show!

Shoes & Socks Off, a Default This fave and all around good egg, has decided that it is time to put an end to his output under that name. The man himself, Toby Hayes, had this to say:

The time has come for me to shut this thing down. As much as I love it, I’ve now have to go out into the desert and dig a hole… 

Ever since the first show, Shoes and Socks Off has been a bit of a pain in the arse. Bloody thing. The restrictions I place on it, and the fact that pretty much all the songs are about one very personal subject, make it’s functioning depend too heavily on me maintaining a certain level of ‘mope’, and in all honesty I don’t have the stones to maintain said mope any longer.

I’m not sure if it was at all cathartic or even much good, but it was certainly necessary, so I’m grateful to those who backed me up over the last 4 years.

I’m proud of what was achieved and blown away at the level at which a select few people have connected with the songs and shown their love and support. If you came to a gig, put on a show, bought a record or let me sleep on your floor, thank you.

Fear not though! We are putting on one of his final shows in Nottingham, so if you have never had a chance to see him play these heart wrenching songs live, then now is your chance!  And if you are already a convert, come and say goodbye to a project that will be sorely missed. Tickets are £4 Adv and are available HERE!


Enigmatic and mysterious, shoes and socks off is the solo moniker of Tobias Hayes. Not only has been in some of the UK scenes most beloved bands from the last ten years (former member of Meet Me In St Louis, Shield Your Eyes and currently Love Among the Mannequins to name a few) but he is a prolific songwriter in his own right, having released 4 albums in 4 years. Sometimes heartbreaking and always honest electric and acoustic songs, and trust us, this show is NOT to be missed.

Energetic and exciting math rock goodness from Oxford, Gunning for Tamar (pronounced TAY-MAR) have recently been making waves on the circuit playing 2000 Trees and Truck Festival. New single 'Dark Sky Tourism' is out on August 6th as a free download, and for all your quote fans out there, NME described it as "Discordant, full of energy and verve and supremely catchy'. So there.

Electrifying two piece spazz-pop, tech rock from Derby. If you haven't witnessed them live yet then what the hell have you been doing?! Free download of their new track "The People You Will Never Meet' is available on their bandcamp now, GO AND GET IT!

Someone Died is the solo output of one Alan Welsh, guitarist and singer from the amazing Tangled Hair and sorely missed Colour. These songs are more strummy and less widdly than his previous outputs but this stripped back approach shows a new side to his work.


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