Saturday, 6 November 2010


So who remembers Andy, Glenn and Ritch? I remember how they were like a breath of fresh air back when everyone was playing boring post rock. Intricate, technical and downright beautiful music WITH singing?! Awesome! Now, Glenn and Ritchie are back with their new band ELK and providing balloons full of new fresh air for us all to inhale with deep, hungry breaths!

I seriously cannot get enough of this band at the minute. Their latest EP 'Reading Habits' has been playing on my ipod non stop. Musically they fall somewhere in between American indie legends The Van Pelt and Colossal (two of my favourite, ever bands). I guess you could say they're a hark back to the 'good emo' era but they've got enough hooks, melodies and interesting vocal shifts to keep it all sounding new.

Best you go listen to them for yourselves to see how awesome they are- you can download their EP here for a mere £1:

We're lucky enough to have ELK, Crash of Rhinos and Birthmark playing a Default This show in Nottingham pretty soon.The facebook event is now online. Go have a little look / listen to all the bands.

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