Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Next show: USA Nails, Vincent Vocoder Voice & JazzHands @ Old Blue Last

Bloody hell, here's a noisy little treat for you. 3 great bands for the price of... Nowt! It's another great free show!

It's on a Sunday eve so we will aim to finish by 10pm so you can all go home and get in your PJ's so you can be ready for Monday. We're pretty nice like that.

Here's the bands:


Dirty, dischordant, psychedelic, kraut inspired rock featuring current and ex members of Kong, Oceansize, Silent Front, Death Pedals and Hawk Eyes. Expect loud noises.


Self described suburban gothic post-hardcore. Eerie undertones and multilayered arrangements. One to watch for fans of the pAper chAse, later Brand New and Cursive.


Insane 6-headed noise-rock behemoth from Liverpool, basically sounds like the bastard child of Hella, Lightning Bolt and John Coltrane. Have an EP called 'Smelly Envelope' which should be enough for you to want to watch them in itself.

There it is. Doors at 7:30pm, see you there!

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